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The new Ritmo prenatal music belt is the latest must-have gadget for music loving expectant mothers. This new gadget has been engineered by acoustic experts and specifically designed for in-utero use. The Ritmo belt is comprised of an audio controller that is able to learn musical patterns and plays the sound at a safe level for the baby to hear in the womb.

Ritmo’s chic black and green musical belt holds four speakers located on the left and right sides of the belly providing the best sound system and support for you and your baby. It’s lightweight fabric and velcro strap provides a comfy and snug fit with convenient side pockets that enable you to enjoy a completely hands-free sound system.

This innovative musical belt is a wonderful way to bond and share your love of music with your little rock star. It can be used while exercising, at work, or just out-and-about!

Click here for a list of Ritmo authorized retailers.


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As children we were all taken to distant lands and magical journeys through stories and books. These imaginative voyages brought us joy, sadness and excitement as well as taught us some valuable life lessons.

With The Boy Who Cried Wolf we learned there are consequences for being dishonest; The Fox and the Leopard taught us that physical beauty is only skin-deep and Shel Silverstein’s The Giving Treeshowed us the importance of generosity.

Through storytelling we are able to teach children valuable life lessons while entertaining them with a fascinating tale. The message is conveyed in a more fun and approachable method and they are able to go through the process of actions and their consequences with each tale.

Bed time is the perfect time to read a book or share a personal story! Storytelling can be a great bonding experience between you and your child as well as an opportunity to create an open dialogue about the stories. Ask your children if they have any questions or thoughts after each tale to ensure that they understand the valuable lessons being taught.

Have a favorite story or children’s book with a positive message? Let us know!


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1) Elf on the Shelf: If you want to get into the holiday spirit and watch your kids be “extra good because Santa is watching,” you’ll want to pick up an Elf on the Shelf. The small pixie elf can become a family tradition for you and your kids. This special elf makes an appearance at your house (leading up to Christmas) to be Santa’s eyes and ears and report all behavior back to Santa himself. All you have to do is remind your children that the elf is watching! The elf conveniently only speaks to adults and the Christmas magic is released once the elf is given a name. The Elf on the Shelf can be purchased at or Both places are offering special discounts now!

2) Hide the Pickle: A German tradition where the special “pickle” ornament is hidden deep within the branches of the family Christmas tree on Christmas Eve. The child who finds the pickle first on Christmas morning will receive an extra gift or special treat from St. Nick.

3) Watch Holiday Classics: Take a walk down memory lane, pop up some popcorn and watch A Christmas Story, Miracle on 54th Street and A Christmas Carol. These classics are always a hit, year after year.

4) Christmas Crackers or Bon-Bons: Popular in the UK, Australia, Canada, New Zealand and South Africa – Christmas crackers are like mini fire crackers that help to celebrate Christmas with a bang! Brightly decorated twists of paper are wrapped around a cardboard tube, so that the tube resembles a large piece of candy. The “cracker” is pulled by two people and a small bang erupts from the cracker tube.


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Three Easy Ways to Go Green:

One of parents’ main concerns is to provide a safe and healthy environment for our children. By taking steps to go green we are able to provide that for them, and in doing so we pass on the tradition of conserving and replenishing our environment. Being kind to our environment can be as simple as refilling the same water bottle instead of purchasing a 32-pack of plastic bottles or recycling your cans and glass jars. Our smallest actions can have a lasting effect on the sustainability of the environment and what we leave our children. So we’ve put together three simple ways to kick-start your families’ efforts toward a green lifestyle!

  1. Buy local produce: not only are you reducing your carbon footprint but you’re also aiding local, family-owned farmers and boosting the local economy. If you’re feeling extra ambitious plant your own little veggie garden!
  2. Use less electricity: Unplug appliances if you are not using them or purchase compact fluorescent lights; not only do they last longer but they reduce your overall energy use.
  3. Recycle your E- (electronic) waste: items such as cell phones and computers should be kept as long as possible, when it’s time for an upgrade you can donate it to local charities. By recycling your e-waste you’re also helping someone who is in need.

Have any easy green tips of your own? Let us know!


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With proper etiquette, children and teens will gain confidence and tools needed to build positive and productive relationships in life. Below are some helpful tips you can use to incorporate teaching good manners throughout your child’s every-day encounters.

  • Teaching good manners begins at home. This includes table manners and phone manners as well.
  • Start at an early age: begin to teach your child good manners when they are infants.
  • Please and thank-you’s are a must: If you hand something to you child and they don’t say thank-you simply remind them and ask “what do you say?” or “what’s the magic word?”. Eventually they will catch on and always remember to say please and thank-you.
  • Lead by example: children like to mimic those around them so it’s important for you to show good manners at all times as well.
  • Go out of your way: teach your child that good manners isn’t just in the way you speak but in your actions. It can include: opening the door for someone, helping someone with their bags, letting someone go before you etc.
  • Reciprocate good manners: Explain to your child is someone is courteous to thank them and be appreciative. If the child is the one being courteous and their good manners aren’t acknowledged use it as a learning tool and ask them how it made them feel. They are more likely to remember that feeling and always be polite and say thank-you in return.


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Who says we shouldn’t play with our food?

Well, there is a time and a place and snack time seems to be ideal for such an occasion! A fun and creative way to enjoy snack time with your child is to provide them with a variety of bite size fruits or veggies they can easily slide on to along toothpick or skewer.

Gone are the days filled with boring fruits and veggie platters, just let your little artist sculpt his way through a healthy snack!

Adult supervision is required for this playtime endeavor. Let us know how you jazz up the routines!




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Often times when a child is being bullied they don’t know who to turn to. Some are embarrassed to discuss it openly and others are simply afraid the bullying will worsen if they tell an authority figure. To ignore the bullying only worsens the situation; the child being bullied becomes filled with feelings of loneliness, hopelessness, and depression. In extreme cases some begin having suicidal thoughts.

The key to understanding bullying is to have open communication. Whether your child is the victim of a bully or bullying others, asking questions and addressing the topic is the best approach to make your child comfortable enough to share any feelings or questions they have regarding bullying.

Watch your child in social situations- you will be able to see first- hand what role they play among their friends. After making some observations, have an open discussion.  Ask them how certain scenarios make them feel and ultimately let them know that bullying is not ok and they can stand up for themselves. If they’re the ones bullying let them know it’s not acceptable to treat others in that manner.

By engaging in an open communication with your child you are able to understand exactly where the inferior or negative behavior is coming from and together you can work through the issues. No child should have to suffer at the hands of a bully. As parents it’s up to us to open the lines of communication and make our children feel safe at home and away from home.


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We’re all aware kids and germs go hand in hand. From the classroom to our homes little ones are spreading germs with every interaction they have. According to The Center for Disease Control cleaning our hands is the single most important thing we can do to prevent from spreading illnesses and becoming sick. So, what happens when there isn’t a sink around?

Nowadays we just reach in our bag for our travel size hand sanitizers, but which kind are you using? We recommend CleanWell – an all-natural company specializing in a ‘green way to clean’. This hand sanitizer is made with blend of essential plant oils safe for kids and proven to kill 99.9% of harmful bacteria just as any alcohol based antibacterial product would. The difference is CleanWell is made with biodegradable products, is free of toxics and chemicals and is certified cruelty-free. Need we say more?


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Ever thought of making your own baby food? It’s a lot more affordable and easier than you think! Simply steam your fruits and veggies and use a handy kitchen device like The Cuisinart CSB-76, also voted #1 Kitchen Gadget in 2010 Parent’s Choice Awards, and reasonably priced at $29.95!

Here are a few noteworthy reasons to go ‘homemade’:

•Save money!! Homemade baby food will cost you a fraction of the price of ready-made food.

•You’re officially a “green mom” by using organic produce (if you prefer) and reducing your carbon footprint with each batch of baby food.

•Guaranteed healthy and nutritious meals: you know every ingredient used.

So reach into your inner chef and experiment with tasty purees like apple and sweet potatoes or try something traditional like a potato, chicken and carrot medley.  Best of all, your baby food critic will reap all the benefits!


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The life of a modern day child can be quite hectic. From an informational packed school day to competitive sports, keeping up with the latest technology and various social pressures, children are becoming just as stressed and effected by the hustle and bustle as the adults around them.

As adults many of us have used yoga-  a combination of exercise, meditation and breathing-  as a release for the daily grind and recently we’ve recognized that it’s also an effective method for our little counterparts to set free their modern day pressures as well!  By teaching children yoga along with flexibility, self help and relaxation techniques it builds the groundwork for a healthy, happy adult. These core techniques are adaptable to any real-life situation and empower children to be more calm and cognitive individuals.